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All Cut, Inc. is more than your local metal cutting shop. Our professionals listen to your specific requests, evaluate your own CAD sketches, and use cutting-edge technology to perfect every detail. You can count on our shop for high quality, friendly service, and a fast turnaround time.

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About Us

David Klos, our founder, president, and CEO, has always had an innovative approach to water jet cutting. He started All Cut, Inc. for individuals and companies looking for a superior machine shop in St. Louis. Serving our customers remains our primary goal today.

We take pride in staying true to each customer's vision, and we do so using high quality materials and skilled craftsmanship. For us, it isn't enough to produce a quality part; the work has to be delivered on time as well. If you want a metal manufacturing shop you can rely on, you've found it.


Thank you for your interest. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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